About Me

I have been an expat for more than 15 years, and feel lucky that I was able to discover and live in 7 countries on three different continents . I currently live in Senegal. I am an “accompanying spouse” which is fore and foremost an enabler -a crucial role in an expat life-. I am also a mother of three and a Global Mobility coach.

I truly believe that my clients are the experts of their lives and that they hold the answers to their questions. I am here to help them find  these answers by creating a safe and confidential space to pause, reflect and createAs a coach I am here to support my clients in their journey, wherever they decide to go and at the pace they choose. 

Coaching happens  via phone or face to face individually or  groups during workshops that I offer on a regular basis.  

Recently certified in the COF assessment tool I also offer coaching for intercultural teams. 

Well-being should not have any borders